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It’s been our pleasure to provide New York and Pennsylvania farmers with non-GMO feeds, containing ingredients with the highest levels of purity.

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 NEW! We now have soy-free chicken feed.
  • Well fed poultry raise better chicks!

Thank you for joining us in our pursuit to raise truly natural and the most healthy livestock. The staff at at Pine Creek Farm and feed.

What Is Original Feed?

The concept is very simple. Original Feeds is a blend of grains in their original non-GMO state – the way their Creator created them. Our vision is to produce a “Back to the Basics” feed, allowing you the opportunity to feed your livestock much the same as they were fed in the mid-1900’s. This premium, all-natural feed is blended with grains that have been lab-tested and meet the highest levels of purity. The ingredients typically found in this feed non-GMO corn, soy, alfalfa, molasses, small grains and minerals.

Interested in an affordable source of  non-GMO feed and Seed?  We carry a full line of non-GMO products, bagged feed,  and crop seeds, as well as natural feed additives for optimal animal health.

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