About Us

The Original Feed name was introduced by the staff at Pine Creek Farm and Feed in 2010.

Our vision was to create a premium all-natural feed using only non-GMO grains and natural minerals. The ingredients we banned from this feed were GMO grains, growth hormones, animal byproducts, preservatives, artificial flavors, and bakery waste.

The research and development of our line of Original Feeds has been an up-hill climb and has demanded a big investment of time and effort. We tested and tried a few different  ingredients in which some did a poor job of meeting the required nutrition needed. But thanks to all of you who assisted us, we are now pleased to see excellent results. It is our pleasure to see you as a responsible livestock caregiver, utilizing our years of experience in formulating feed from non-GMO ingredients. The reward for the efforts we spent on this project is hearing the many positive comments from our Original Feeds customers.

Here’s some of our team-members:

Mark and his bride of 25 years, Rachel, along with daughter Christina, 19 and son Jacob, 16, farm on a 70-acre farm in Clyde, New York. He raises horses, sheep, turkeys, cattle and chickens. It’s been a lifetime goal of Mark and his family to make it possible for farms like his to raise natural, healthy, back-to-the-basics livestock . Mark joined our staff in 2012 with a strong passion for Original Feed after retiring from a 25-year career as a Union Pipe Fitter. Mark‘s hobbies are showing horses and offering covered wagon rides.

Gerald is the long term employee of Pine Creek. Professional, friendly, kind, and caring are his strengths. Call and find out for yourself. His jobs include billing, pricing, buying and receiving phone calls. Gerald‘s hobbies are camping, hunting, and fishing.

Stan is a retired Registered Angus Breeder. He spent many years in sales of ag products bringing you 60+ year of experience. Friendly, helpful personality.

Josiah grew up on a non-GMO farm in Lyons, New York, raising chickens, turkeys, Angus, lambs, and hogs. He does an excellent job at maintaining and improving the equipment used in production of feed. He is also attending Finger Lakes Community College and is working towards his degree in mechanical engineering.

Kevin‘s favorite job is mixing and bagging feed. Quality, production, and accuracy are his achievements. He also enjoys helping on the farm, making hay, baling straw, and planting and harvesting crops. His hobbies are turkey hunting, swimming and riding four-wheelers.

Jordan is twelve. He is in seventh grade. His hobbies are helping his dad in the store and raising crops and cattle. He can’t wait until he is “big” and can help customers.

Wendell is eight and is in third grade. He is on site every minute he is allowed. He anticipates shipments of new toys coming, combine rides, and socializing with the guys. Wendell spent the beginning of 2015 fighting cancer. He had a fist-sized tumor removed from his intestinal area and part of his large and small intestines removed in March 2015. When he gets “big” he wants to be part of the team.